British Council for Yoga Therapy

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Raising standards in Yoga Therapy in the UK


The British Council for Yoga Therapy (BCYT) is a professional forum operating in the United Kingdom, Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

It is made up of professional yoga therapy training organisations and professional organisations whose members are Yoga Therapists.

It promotes high standards in the training, education and regulation of Yoga Therapists in the UK and accredits Yoga Therapy training.


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Yoga Therapy is Yoga where there is a specific need or needs.

Yoga Therapy views the person as a whole; an integrated system of mind, body and emotions. Yoga Therapy can address these different aspects as appropriate, to promote healing and improve health.

For example, Yoga Therapy can allow us to develop better body alignment if we have joint or back pain, encourage a quietening of the mind to help deal with stress or anxiety or to find space inside where we can begin to feel more comfortable and peaceful with ourselves.